Outboard brain, or My Pet Brain

January 12, 2006 at 11:13 am Leave a comment

Reading through Cory Doctorow’s description of his Outboard Brain I am fine with, “Writing a blog entry about a useful and/or interesting subject forces me to extract the salient features of the link into a two- or three-sentence elevator pitch to my readers…” until the “to my readers” part. 

And maybe because I’ve never had “readers.” 

I like the statement, “This exercise fixes the subjects in my head the same way that taking notes at a lecture does, putting them in reliable and easily-accessible mentalregisters. ”  I’m all over that.  In short, I could care less if anyone else reads what I write.  I am my own reader.  I am interested in PKM, or PIM (choose your acronym).  Like Cory states, annotating bookmarks (a.k.a. del.icio.us) might not be enough.  Writing a few comments makes you think a little more?

I think Cory’s comments must have predated Stross’s Accelerando (great book).  Manfred Macx sounds a lot like Cory to me.  And Cory’s comment, “Being deprived of my blog right now would be akin to suffering extensive brain-damage,” actually happens to the protagonist in the book.  Cool.  Stross says not.

And Cory’s comment, “my blog frees me up from having to remember the minutae of my life, storing it for me in handy and contextual form,” as I mentioned before, remind me a lot of Allen’s GTD.  Course people have been doing this for years with offline journals.  It is surprising how much detail you’ve forgotten – and how much you suddenly remember – when you peruse a journal entry online or otherwise.


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