Anarchist notes continued

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I list still more notes from The Anarchist in the Library by Siva Vaidhyanathan

p.171 mentions the ‘rhetorical value of alleging a “network” at the heart of a threat to security…It’s impossible to tell when a war is over because it can’t be seen….Such a description yields a broad almost unlimited set or prescriptions, all of which substantially increase the surveillance and police powers of the state.  “Our technology” must have wide berth, but if “they” get hold of “our” technology, we are in big trouble….’

I am reminded of the discussion of religion in the lucifer principle, by Howard K. Bloom in which religion is cast as a way for ‘my group’ to do things to ‘your group’ with the ultimate goal of protecting the group meme (probably inaccurate description….).  Bloom’s newer book, Global Brain, looks interesting.

Mr. Vaidhyanathan discusses the book “Networks and Netwars,” that promoted some of this terror-network concept, with the specific policies: corrupt the data, monitor the end points, and mine data.  The data mining affects private citizens through programs like ‘Total Information Awareness.’  Companies mine your data to get you to buy things.  They make mistakes sending meat coupons to vegetarians.  The difference between a company and the government make mistakes is that the government can throw you in jail.

P.180 What is

Another book by Mr. Vaidhyanathan is “Copyrights and Copywrongs

On P.188 there’s an interesting line, “The world at the dawn of the 21st century has many needs, among them a cure for malaria, and the second coming of Bob Marley.”  Huh.

P.194 Some links to other places Mr. Vaidhyanathan has published articles or that he mentions,,,,, email lists cyberprof and Pho. 


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