Links and sources from Anarchist in the Library

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I list still more notes from The Anarchist in the Library by Siva Vaidhyanathan

Darnton – “Paris, the early internet”
Bailyn – The ideological origins of the american revolution.
Michael Foucault – the Foucault effect
Ludlow “Crypto anarchy, cyberstates, and pirate utopias”
Lehmann-Haupt – “The music Pirates
Shirky – “What is P2p…and What isn’t?”
Johnson – Emergence
Durban  – Philosophy of Technology
Backin – “cultural software”
Levy – collective intelligence
Wright – nonzero: the logic of human destiny
Branam – The cynics
An FDA database –
Friedman “webbed, wired, and worried”
Foucault – discipline and punishment
Lessig – Future of ideas
Spar – Ruling the waves
Mueller – Ruling the Root
Goldstein – Copyrights highway
Alderman – Sonic Boom
Cohan – The good the bad and the difference
Hein’s “Progress of science and the useful arts”
Lessig – “Let the stories go”
Lessig – “code and other laws of cyberspace”
Biegel – Beyond our control
Litman – digital copyright
Perelman – steal this idea
Shulman – owning the future
Patriot act info
Estabrook – Public libraries and civil liberties
Tatoud – “copyright and science”
Christopher May – “information society”
Gilder – telecosm: how infinite bandwidth…
Drucker – “The age of discontinuity”
Kelly – “New rules for the new Economy”
Rosecrance – The rise of the virtual state”
Sprigman – hacking for free speach
Lee – guerilla warfare, waged with code
Politi – The citizen as intelligence minuteman
Oram – peer to peer harnessing the power of…
Duncan – six degrees
Duncan – Small Worlds
Zweiger – transducing the genome
Wishart – leaving reality behind

whew, that’s a reading list. 


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