Google Page Creator. Keep going, keep going…..!

February 24, 2006 at 2:48 pm 1 comment

Yesterday, I learned of google page creator.  It’s a very simple wysiwyg…page creator.  It’s a distilled Geocities.  Google can do way more here.  They could go a Protopage route, and make it kind of a blend of google/ig and this page creator.  Or they could roll a wiki engine into this, along with a way to (automagically) link to related content from other people’s google pages (google wiki pages!) using clickstream, search, pagerank….Tags, what to do about tags?  Using googlesearch to provide relevance, each word could be a hyperlink ala  Liquid InformationMemex here we come.


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  • 1. Feed My Pet Brain »  |  February 28, 2006 at 1:42 pm

    […] Thinking more about Google Pages, I think I get the idea.  Consider, there are a couple ways to help people find information.  One way is ’search’ and using relevance and PageRank, Google’s got that down pretty well.  The other is to have an index, a heirarchical grouping of categories to browse, like the Dewey decimal system or Yahoo directory.  The former works well, but you’re often faced with millions of relevent hits.  The latter doesn’t scale well, as it takes a lot of people to come up with the taxonomy, but the provided results might be very relevant, and you’re only faced with, perhaps, the most relevent, as filtered by experts. […]


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