Life skills and information literacy

April 3, 2006 at 11:22 am 1 comment

Some things that seem novel to those of us that were around to see the birth of the web, but that will be life skills, mundane, for our kids (or their kids):

Create a web site for personal reasons, hosted, or on a personal box
How to choose a type of site, e.g. web log, geocities, etc.  Static vs. dynamic
How to best publish information, e.g. IA. It works better if it looks good
Upload photos to share with a group
How to use hyperlinks, send links to people via email
How to best distrubute info to a group, via attachments, or links
How to use IM
How to and when to use asynchronous vs. synchronous communication
Manage 'found' information with browser or shared bookmark tools
Know how to craft a good Google query, and when not to use Google.
How to manage your search history (e.g. google/ig)
What to use when Google doesn't cut it
How to use online maps
How to find business, people, etc. using the web
How to build your own 'newspaper' through RSS feeds
How to use message boards, wikis, web logs
How to install software
How to uninstall software
Desktop shortcuts, e.g. Quick Launch menus, batch files
How to create short scripts or macros do complete repetitive tasks
How to manage files within a file system – how to find them again
Desktop search engines
Run a web server off a home box
How to manage calender issues, personal, group, family
How to use Google earch alerts to keep up to date, also things like Nerac
How to back up data
How to use Amazon, how to shop online
Online and offline privacy
How to use Office, templates, tips and tricks
These are tutorial topics, these should become a syllabus – part of the curriculum for elementary students.

Not all of the curriculum items are virtual.  As we're hit with more information from online sources, we need better ways to manage our time, for example.  Some items will be useful topics, though they're falling into obscurity, such as paper and ink libraries, how to navigate a newspaper.

How to manage time and get things done
How to, and when to, use an actual library


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