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More notes from Ambient Findability by Peter Morville.

p.37  unlike physical navigation where the destination is the goal, in semantic spaces, the journey is the destination.

p.39  Findability draws upon our heritage of wayfinding in natural and built environments, while invoking the practical…focus of usability…the bridge that spans the digital and physical worlds.  There are examples of graphical representations of indices and search results in the book: grokker, and kartoo – interesting and fun to play with, but "it's not useful."

p.41  Baldwin effect – organisms can learn to shape their environment and consequently alter path of evolution.  This reminded me of discussion in Kurzweil's Age of Spiritual Machines, where, post-singularity humans alter the universe to their ends.

p.42  Richard Dawkins and memes: genes propagate in the gene pool, memes propagate in the meme pool, leaping from brain to brain….regarded as living structures, parasitizing minds to pass the meme on just as a virus may parasitize a host cell.  The Selfish Meme by Richard Dawkins, 1976?  Or maybe the Selfish Gene.


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Annotations from Ambient Findability Information overload and keeping up.

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