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And yet More notes from Ambient Findability by Peter Morville.

p 67 mentioned; also, "We have an unprecedented ability to choose our own news and to see all sides of a story before making an informed decision…." [but now we have to – it's becoming expected that you're gathering as much information on your own as you can] "Our [mobile-outboard-memory] gadgets become part of our lives.  The transition from nice to necessary can happen surprisingly fast." Reminded of Doctorow and Stross?  Interesting, though, I find Pocketmod much more useful than the to-do list feature of my phone.  My "PIM" technique is to make sure that I've always got a piece of paper and a pencil with me at all times.  More reliable and faster than thumbing an entry into my phone.  And if my pocketmod goes through the wash, I print out a new one and start over. 

p 70 mentions Weinberger's Cluetrain Manifesto and, "We don't know what the web is for but we've adopted it faster than any technology since fire." Also, check out "Design Engaged: The final Programme" by Adam Greenfield also the author of Everyware.

p 87 surveillance camera project

p 88 pattern recognition and "waiting for the gun" by Eric Mankin

p 90 The Ambient Orb, and where the physical environment becomes an interface to digital information.  Tangible Bits, at tangible media group realizing seamless interfaces between humans, digital information, and the physical environment.

p 92 The emerging relationships between physical and digital architectures, Digital Ground, by Malcolm McCullough.

p93 Steve Mann and WearComp, wearable computing.  And his book Cyborg.

Ah!  While looking for that on amazon I saw a new book release: "The Wealth of Networks" and underneath the title it had the name, Siva Vaidhyanathan, which I took to mean he was the author.  Cool!  He wrote The Anarchist in the Library, a very interesting book.  But it was not so, the author is Yochai Benkler and Mr. Vaidhyanathan wrote a review of the book.

Not Siva

Other books look interesting on this stream of consciousness path: Me++ : The Cyborg Self and the Networked City  by William J. Mitchell.


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