Tags and integration with search

June 5, 2006 at 12:53 pm Leave a comment

While commenting on Peter Morville's site  on the topic of hyperlinks, I ramble stream of consciousness style, wondering about "del.icio.us tags as part of a Google search result (or a Yahoo search result I guess).  I'd found an interesting tool for Google:

But reading a very interesting article about a corporate tagging engine, "Onomi: Social Bookmarking on a Corporate Intranet" by Damianos, Griffith, and Cuomo, I came across a better and much more interesting discussion of integration of tags and search:

"Integration of bookmark search and full document text search seems particularly fruitful.  Social bookmarking systems generally do not know anything about the content of the web pages that are bookmarked….Tags can be used to refine, rank and cluster search results.  Besides helping organize search results, tag clusters can also be used for expanding a search to other relevant documents that might not match a particular full text query. [emphasis mine]."

Way way cool.


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