Findability and Information Literacy

July 18, 2006 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment

A post at entitled “Society Mapping” evolved out of a discussion of the relationship between findability and information literacy. Something to explore.

“Society mapping is an exercise and a method to increase information literacy. The purpose is to place focus on the information producers in society.”

This seems applicable for any community of practice, whether it’s a superorganism or a corporate environment .
Reading through the interview, I am reminded of the post from the other day, ‘of data and knowledge.’  A first step in any information-knowledge-architecture-management initiative must be: what do you have, who makes it, and who uses it?

This is a part of a process approach to information flow beginning with the definition ‘the stuff,’ or the information of interest, and then identifying the stakeholders and detailing the inputs, outputs, guides and enablers.

Back to the article, I found this interesting “there are some categories of knowledge owners and information producers (actors) almost always present.”  Visit the link for the categories picture.

And finally “At the moment we are writing a book on this theme and the target group is new students in higher education – hopefully it will help build their practical information literacy.”  Oh how interesting it would be to broach this subject much much earlier; to teach students ‘how to find the answer’ across our increasingly complex jumble of information genres.


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