Leonardo’s Laptop

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Some comments from Leonardo’s Laptop, by Ben Schneiderman.  The premise of the book: how would Leonardo, the quintessential renaissance man, have used computers?

p.2 The old computing was about what computers could do; the new computing is about what users can do….[successful technologies] must support relationships and activities that enrich the users experiences.  Many of the pictures throughout the book are from “Planet art” and are license-free?

p.11 Computers are tools for doing and making.  The new computing will emphasize innovations.  Echoes of FAB here.

p.23 Peter Neumann and archive of computing failures mentioned.

p.47 How to train users, using a minimal manual, or short getting-started guides, get users active quickly even if they make mistakes.  Constructivists – get the user to carry out practical projects soon.  Or social construction – engaging pairs or groups in working together to learn.

p.87 Describes an Activities Relationship Table (ART) = activities you can accomplish within each circle of relationship.  The axes of the table are: Self, family and friends (2-50), colleagues and Neighbors (50-5000), Citizens and Markets (5000+) vs. Collect, relate, Create, Donate.

p.92 Mentions National Digital Library Program to produce American Memory, Picturequest, Corbis.


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