The Social Life of Information

August 17, 2006 at 12:55 pm Leave a comment

Some notes from The Social Life of Information, John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid.  A cautionary tale, it reminds all those (us?) “infoenthusiasts” to remember that people actually have to be involved in using/developing new technology. A little overbearing on that topic, but a good reminder when dealing with the interfaces between technology and the people actually using it. Written “pre-web 2.0″ some arguments have been rendered mute, but the points are still valid.

p.4 “In the digital world…many of the distinctions between designers and users are becoming blurred.  We are all, to some extent, designers now.  Many questions about design are thus becoming questions for us all.  It is important, then, to understand our own limits as designers, too, and to know where to look for resources. ”  Information Literacy.

p.15 Mentions MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte “Being Digital”  This looks like an interesting read.

p.17 Historians trace the beginnings of the information age to the telegraph.  Related “The Victorian Internet” by Standage, is a fascinating read.

p.18 “…the laying to rest of Morse code…” ? 1999?


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