Libraries for a New Generation

August 30, 2006 at 1:02 pm Leave a comment

An interesting article from a University of Minnesota Alumni publication about the evolution of The Library and information literacy: “Libraries for a New Generation

“the Millennial or Net Gen students–those from the Class of 2000 and beyond–and their particular needs and style. For these students, the mere notion of a library can seem as quaint as last year’s ring tones….85 percent of them grew up with a computer in their home, and 75 percent of them used the Internet as their primary research tool throughout high school. They’re used to getting information at the click of a mouse, and after 10,000 hours playing video games, they have a freewheeling, trial-and-error way of learning at odds with what they may see as a library’s organized and methodical approach.  But, as computer literate as most of these students are, they can be information illiterate….”

The article goes on to talk about ways the U of M is trying to make the Library relevant and useful in the digital age.  This, not surprisingly, involves teaching people how to use it.

The head-slapping concept I took away from the article is that there is a difference between computer literacy and information literacy.


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Information literacy and conflicting impressions Being Digital

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