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More notes from Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte

p.105 In the same way that the bit is the atomic element of information, a pixel is the molecular level of graphics. (I do not call it the atomic level, because each pixel is usually represented by more than one bit….Red, yellow and blue as we are taught in grade school, are not the three primary colors. The three additive primaries( i.e. in television) are red, green, and blue. The three subtractive primaries(as in printing) are magenta, cyan and yellow.

p.109 “Palaces of the mind” as a means of remembering long speeches, Simonides of Ceos. These examples involve navigating in three dimensional space to store and retrieve information. Some people are good at this, some are not. In two dimensions most of us are uniformly more capable. Consider the two-dimensional facade of your own bookshelf. You probably know how to find any book by simply going to “where” it is….leads to spatial data management systems.

p.153 A different twist on the personal newspaper – newspaper is read very differently on Monday morning than it is on Sunday afternoon. At 7 a.m. on a workday, you browse a newspaper as a means of filtering the information and personalizing a common set of bits that were sent to hundreds of thousands of people. Most people tend to trash whole sections of newspapers….

p.154 The fact that the TV Guide has been known to make larger profits than all four networks combined suggests that the value of information about information can be greater than the value of the information itself. [metainformation?]

p.155 When I want to go to the movies, rather than read reviews, I ask my sister-in-law. We all have an equivalent who is both an expert on movies and an expert on us. What we need to build is a digital sister-in-law. [This reminds me of Richard Hunter’s/Herbert’s Mentats again.]

p.257 Books mentioned: Minsky’s The Society of Mind (1987), Resnick’s Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams (1994).

p.158 Interface agentry will become decentralized in the same way as information and organizations….you will dispatch agents to collect information on your behalf. Agents will dispatch agents…. Our interfaces will vary. Yours will be different than mine, based on our respective information predilections…. Pre-echoes of Stross’ Accelerando, and Vinge’s Rainbows End.


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