Write in this book: active book modding

November 27, 2006 at 2:39 pm Leave a comment

Marginalia as described by Sherman in John Dee… was a way to remember important topics for future conversations, but also a way to organize the text itself at a time when conventions like tables of contents and things like a subject index were not consistently applied.

Sherman’s book itself had an extremely simple yet powerful approach to the chapter notes at the end of the text:  at the top of each page of the chapter notes section, where the notes were organized numerically by chapter, starting with 1 at the beginning of each, the section was also organized using the header of each page to denote the page in the text where the notes thereon refer. 

In any book I’ve read after Sherman’s Dee I get more and more frustrated with the notes pages as I can’t tell if note 34 is from chapter 1 or chapter 3 without a lot of flipping around.

So I’ve taken a page from both Dee and Sherman and I’ve revising my edition of The Singularity is Near, in which notes notes make up an impressive 16% of the pages, so that the notes page headers all point at the pages in the text that they refer to.

With a neobook, you could digg my edition; the mods with more utility would rise to the top.


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