More wonderful heresy from The God Delusion

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Continued notes from The God Delusion, Dawkins.

p.201  “…Mormonism.  Joseph Smith…went to the lengths of composing a complete new holy book, the Book of Mormon, inventing from scratch a whole new bogus American history written in bogus seventeenth-century English.”

P203  John Frum” a Messianic figure in a ‘cargo cult.’

p.258  From the writing of John Hartung “The Bible is a blueprint of in-group morality, complete with instructions for genocide, enslavement of out-groups, and world domination.”  I am reminded of The Lucifer Principle, Bloom.

p. 261 A list of “The New Ten Commandments,” here, and here’s Dawkin’s extra additions

p.308 …what is really pernicious is the practice of teaching children that faith in itself is a virtue.  Faith is an evil precisely because it requires no justification and brooks no argument.”

p.340 A good case can indeed be made for the educational benefits of teaching comparative religion….”p.341 “…the main reason the English Bible needs to be part of our education is that it is a major source book for literary culture.  The same applies to the legends of the Greek and Roman gods, and we learn about them without being asked to believe in them.  Dawkins presents a list of about 200 phrases that appear in the bible and “…occur commonly in literary or conversational English.”  Here Dawkins touches one of my concerns, that children who are not brought up indoctrinated by going to Sunday school may have the benefit of a more open mind, but they are sorely lacking, in a social sense, in familiarity with the stories and phrases that appear in the bible.  References to Noah or Moses are incomprehensible, for example.  How to do this?  I envision at least a children’s book surveying the common stories and phrases in the bible, presented along side other myths and legends for a well-rounded introduction to the concept of religion and what people have believed throughout history.

p.366 The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, Carl Sagan.

Dawkins book is logical, insightful, convincing, argumentative, abrasive, and challenging.  It was a very interesting read.  It will appeal to the god-free, and irritate the believers.


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