Virtual Cleaning – a lucky list of 13 chores

February 12, 2007 at 2:07 pm Leave a comment

From eWeek’s Jim Rapoza some suggestions for cleaning your information infrastructure in “Cleanliness is next to…

He has more thought on the application side than I’d had, but I think a more cohesive plan needs to be created to address an ‘Information Spring-cleaning session’ like:

  1. Clean out ‘My Documents’ of old downloads or temporary spots for uploads
  2. Delete old stuff – sort directories to find the biggest files and deal with those first
  3. Use compression, e.g. zip files, when you don’t want to throw away, but just archive the clutter
  4. Clean out email inboxes, sorting to find the biggest emails, and deal with those first
  5. Create and use email folders and filters
  6. Use tools to view your hard drive usage, like Treesize, to better target cleanup efforts
  7. Clean off the (virtual) desktop – what to have on their and what not to
  8. Add/remove programs to get rid of applications that are not used
  9. Empty the recycle bin
  10. Delete temp files
  11. Clean out and/or organize the Start Button > Programs list
  12. Decide on backup strategies: how and when to back up, and to what and where.
    1. When archiving data to CD, keeping a running list (e.g. in Excel) 
    2. Use bat file to ‘print’ dir to file, drop into excel list, label CDs consecutively
  13. Clean up ‘favorites’ in IE, or

Balance the time involved in this cleaning work with diminishing returns, e.g. don’t spend hours looking at 1k files, just archive them or delete them.

There are likely tons of these types of tips in lists on LifeHacker and elsewhere.


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