How does a (geek)dad pay allowance?

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Our kids have to work to get paid an allowance. The cool thing (I think) is that they can make as much money as they want, if they keep working! When they’ve had a goal in mind they’ve cleared over $20 a week.

We have three chore lists on the fridge, one for each kid. There are tasks listed, like washing dishes, and taking out the garbage, and each task is worth an amount between 10 cents to $1. When they complete a task, they make a mark, they get paid. We usually wait until the end of the week, or until they’re strapped for cash, for payday. It’s that simple.

Chore list Chore lists on the fridge Filled out chore list

The kids are responsible for their chore list. Mom and dad don’t keep track of their chores. If they complete a task and don’t make a mark, they don’t get paid. If they make a mark and haven’t completed the task, their chore list goes in the trash (hasn’t happened yet). If they haven’t been asked to do a task before they begin, they get to mark for double!  When they are ready to get paid they add up the tasks and submit a total.  They get paid in two-dollar bills.  Just because.

The dishes are assigned to each kid on a rotation that has them doing dishes twice a week, with mom and dad doing dishes on Friday. The pets are routinely fed by two of the kids, and picking up dog leavings is usually a job for the other. Although not a specific chore right now, if their room is not kept clean a dollar is subtracted from the total.

On our computer network, each kid has a link to the Excel chore list template; when they get paid and need a new checklist, they print out their own form.

Here’s the template. It’s pretty straight-forward, and the idea would be easy to modify for other situations.


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