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July 20, 2007 at 12:45 pm 1 comment

I  read Disinformation by Richard Miniter which is a list of 22 media myths about the war on terror and the myth-busting truth behind them.  A very interesting, and disturbing book.  For example, (i think it was) myth 22 points out that our border with Canada is much more of a terror concern than our border with Mexico. 

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I was listening to the book on CD, so I didn’t take notes and it’s hard to dog-ear a CD, impossible in fact, but a few comments I scribbled on the back of a gas station receipt at a stop-light:

“The acceptance of a myth gives the believer a sense of superiority; a delight of being “in” on the secret gears driving larger events.  It is most savored by those that feel left out.  Those who doubt the myth are writen off as naive, conned, or part of the plot” – noticed by Richard Hofstadter, who wrote an article called “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” in November 1964.

“This [misleading situation] is essentially a democratic model of the truth; majority rule within the media.  The problem is that the truth is not a popularity contest.

Another literacy – myth literacy?

Miniter references web resources throughout the book and refers to several times.


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