The Original PocketMod

September 12, 2007 at 11:45 am 1 comment

Ah the wonderful PocketMod.  It works great and the idea is a launching point to other useful versions.

But I realized, as my son came home with his Original PocketMod(tm) sporting a school-day to-do list, the idea or at least the capability been around for, well, as long as we’ve had… hands.  The Original PocketMod:

Original PocketMod


  • It’s pretty tough to lose
  • You can fit it easily into your pocket
  • It’s open source, and just about everyone’s got one already
  • There is almost no learning curve for adoption.  In fact many people have to be trained NOT to use it, it’s so easy
  • You can look at it when you’re in the shower, well, for a while


  • It’s hard to share
  • It’s prone to data loss when called to dinner
  • Makes people look at you kind of funny

So whether you use a simple Word version, a fancy Word version, an Excel version, or the online PocketMod, or whatever, just remember you’ve always got a back up.

Picture from the cover of C&EN


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