Imperfect notes from The Perfect Thing

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The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness, Steven Levy

Also by Steven Levy:

Crypto, Insanely Great, Artificial Life, The Unicorn’s Secret, Hackers

PXI Kevin Kelly, in The New York Times Magazine, a manifesto on the future of the book. Here?

PXIII this book’s chapters are shuffled.

P90 discussing downloading music as stealing, “…just as larcenous as jimmying the door of someone’s big black Cadillac….But of course there was a difference…cars are zero-sum.  When you drive away someone’s Caddy, the owner is faced with an empty parking spot and no car.  But when you download a song from someone, it’s still there.  Music downloads are an infinite-sum game, and everyone knew it.”

P127 “Podcasting is no exception to the rule stipulating that the content of any new medium suffers from a preponderance of discussion about the medium itself. “  I wonder if that’s true, it would be interesting to look back at The Victorian Internet or other books about the telephone, etc.

P209 Blues Project and Sun Ra doing Batman

P219 Amy Voida…formal study of the behavior of people who have access to one another’s iTunes playlists.  

P220 ’Impression management’ …people stocked their playlists not solely with what they liked but what they thought would raise their status among coworkers

P228 Jeff “skunk” Baxter guitarist for Steely Dan is a leading consultant to the Pentagon on superspook terrorism issues?

P229 “Shuffle turns out to be the techna franca of the digital era – not just a feature but an entire way of viewing the world, representing the power that comes from aggregating content from a variety of sources and playing it back in an order that renders irrelevant the intended ordering by those who produced or first distributed the content. Google shuffles the Web, and iPod shuffles the music.”  [Mind trail to Everything is Miscellaneous, where the shuffle techna franca refers the ‘the third order of order.’]

P241 John Allen Paulos, mathematician for the lay reader, Innumeracy

P243  Omninerd website


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Great notes from God is Not Great Google is a reverse word look-up, Tip of the Tongue Tool

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