Notes from Global Brain, Bloom

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Some notes from Global Brain, by Bloom.

The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century


Prologue: Biology, Evolution, and the Global Brain

  1. Creative Nets in the Precambrian era
  2. 2. Networking in Paleontology’s “Dark Ages”
  3. The embryonic meme
  4. From social synapses to social ganglions: complex adaptive systems in Jurassic days
  5. Mammals and the further rise of mind
  6. Threading a new tapestry
  7. A trip through the perception factory
  8. Reality is a shared hallucination
  9. The conformity police
  10. Diversity generators: The huddle and the squabble – group fission
  11. The end of the ice age and the rise of urban fire
  12. The weave of conquest and the genes of trade
  13. Greece, Miletus, and Thales: The birth of the boundary breakers
  14. Sparta and Baboonery: The guesswork of collective mind
  15. The pluralism hypothesis: Athens’ underside
  16. Pythagoras, subcultures, and psycho-bio-circuitry
  17. Swiveling eyes and pivoting minds: the pull of influence attractors
  18. Outstretch, Upgrade, and irrationality: Science and the warps of mass psychology
  19. The kidnap of mass mind: fundamentalism, spartanism, and the games subcultures play
  20. Interspecies global mind
  21. Conclusion: the reality of the mass mind’s dreams: terraforming the cosmos

In the front leaf, comments form other authors, other books mentioned: Into the cool: the new thermodynamics of life.

P42 The result indicates that a collective learning machine achieves its feats by using five elements…1. conformity enforcers, 2. diversity generators, 3. inner-judges, 4. resource shifters, and 5. intergroup tournaments.

P144 Endorphin is a contraction of the term “endogenous morphine.”

P146 Bloom’s writing style is rather sensationalistic and he uses a lot of imagery, simile and metaphor.  A good example, “Genes are not the only reasons 30 percent of us pop out of the placenta with our inner-judges preset to render us outgoing or fearful and shy.”  Pop out….  He uses this type of over-the-top image-evoking term throughout and it gets in the way of the interesting topics he’s trying to talk about.  He could say things in much simpler ways. Here’s another, P219, “Less than a second after a false vacuum burped this cosmos into being….”  This makes me think we’re nothing more than cosmic indigestion; chili gone wrong.

P219 A statement that is the point of the book I think: Current evolutionary theory holds that an individual is “fit” only of he or she can maximize the number of his or her offspring.  Even a brilliant thinker like Richard Dawkins says that the ultimate individual is not you and me, but a gene within us driving us remorselessly, and that that gene is selfish to the nth degree.  Such contemplations leave out the universal nature of networking….this book has been the story of the information nets which gave us birth and of the twists those webs have taken as we and a horde of allies and enemies have struggled for ascendance on this earth…. p223 we are neurons of this planet’s interspecies mind.


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