Stuff from Technology Review Nov/Dec 2007

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A story from Bruce Sterling had some comments that were reminiscent of Rainbows End

p76 Talking about a classic CAD program, “…Of course, nobody used it.  If you gave people the tools that were perfect for their jobs, they’d have nothing to do but their jobs.  The whole secret of the network revolution was that it connected everybody, and it therefore caused everybody to do everybody else’s jobs….[the software] didn’t even hook to the Internet.  [it] was a single tool for one single human mind.  There was no crowdsourcing, no “with enough eyes all bugs are shallow”

P77 and reminiscent of Kurzweil, and the books Fab, and Decoding the Universe, and Everything is Miscellaneous “…he didn’t realize that when you meshed bits and atoms, you had to respect the atoms.  Bits were the servants of atoms. “Bits” were just bits of atoms.  Bits came and went at the flick of a switch, but atoms had dark and permanent physical laws.  Atoms didn’t go away when you shut down the screen.  When you lacked a responsible way to deal with the atoms, you were a menace to yourself and all around you.”

P84 A few book, The Future of Reputation, Solove; Brin The Transparent Society.

Just remembered, look for Crucible to Nuclear Chemistry, Jaffe.


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Notes from Steal This Computer Book 3 Feedback is important

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