Feedback is important

January 11, 2008 at 11:48 am Leave a comment

I’m reading Emotional Intelligence by Goleman.  It’s a little touchy feely as you might expect, but I just finished reading a part about  feedback.  Feedback is incredibly important in any system, such as a company, to know that the job you’re doing is meeting expectations.  When one part of a system receives no feedback, things break down….

P150,151: “It’s a questions of feedback, really, of people getting the information essential to keep their efforts on track.  In its original sense in systems theory, feedback meant the exchange of data about how one part of a system is working, with the understanding that one part affects all others in the system, so that any part heading off course could be changed for the better.  In a company everyone is part of the system and so feedback is the lifeblood of the organization – the exchange of information that lets people know if the job they are doing is going well or needs to be fine-tuned, upgraded, or redirected entirely. Without feedback people are in the dark; they have no idea how they stand with their boss, with their peers, or in terms of what is expected of them, and any problems will only get worse as time passes.”

Goleman makes a pretty good argument for EI as a critical part of life “literacy.”


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