Notes from Steal this File Sharing Book, Wang

January 11, 2008 at 1:53 pm 4 comments

Notes from Steal this File Sharing Book, Wang

P12 CDs full of registration keys,

P18 Visit See What You Share on P2P to look at what people share online

P21 Hash links







P24 gnutella clients,

P28 other clients and networks, gnutella2 (,, Fasttrack (,, edonkey2000, overnet, directconnect, mp2p,, multinetwork clients,,,,, anonymous, earthstation 5, mnet, others, soulseek, mute , waste

P38 Pynchon The crying of lot 49

P44 for newsgroup info

P46 newsgroup readers Agent, Binary Boy, Grabit, Pluckit, tifny

P48 Newsgroup search engine

P59 newsgroup faqs

P88 Attempt at anonymous file sharing, use something like PeerGuardian, use a file sharing program that masks IP address, e.g. freenet, www.filetopia.og, GRL ISN, Earthstation 5, Proxy servers e.g.

P98 Protecting your computer, antivirus programs, e.g. AVG, avast, antivir, online virus scanners Trend Micro,, RAV antivirus

P116 Audio conversion aps dBpowerAMP music converter, audio MP3 WAV WMA OGG Converter, Awave Audio

P120 Windows media player creates copy-protected WMA files by default.  To keep it from adding copy protection, turn it off in Tools > Options > Copy Music Tab and clear the check box.

P130 PDF password “recovery”; convert pdf to Word Solid Converter PDF program or PDF converter

P153 DVD encryption removal deCSS

P171 Bookwarez

P175 “…perhaps the biggest obstacle to e-books acceptance is the price.  Publishers often try to sell e-books for the same price as the printed copy, and because buyers don’t pay for paper, binding, or printing, they expect e-books to cost much less than the paper version. ….In most cases, copy protection simply hurts consumers and gives internet thieves another target to crack for fun or profit.”  Electronic text and audio books can be ‘checked out’ from my local library, yet they have a time limit, can only be listened to using a proprietary media player, cannot be transferred to an MP3 player or burned to CD, say to listen to in the car, and if they are checked out by someone else already, you can’t even download them!  Artificial scarcity defined.  Absurd.

P178 e-book newsgroups

  • Alt.binaries.ebook
  • Alt.binaries.e-book
  • Alt.binaries.flood
  • Alt.binaries.mathmad
  • Alt.binaries.palm
  • Alt.binariesrpg
  • Alt.binaries.technical
  • Alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.audiobooks

P182 …e-books can actually reach more people who might never have known about the e-book’s existence and entice them to buy a physical copy later.  Proposed e-book archive

P183 “It is certain that stealing nourishes courage, strength, skill, tact, in a word, all the virtues useful to a republican system and consequently to our own.”  Marquis de Sade

P195 Where is warez

P202 Ripping games Games X Copy,,,

P205 Game emulators, Game Boy emulator – BasicBoy,,,,,,, use to play old dos games.  ROMs,; alt.binaries.emulators.mame, alt.binaries.emulators….etc

P218 video codecs, the ABME FAQ is one of the longet, most current, and best researched tutorials on newsgroups and computer video anywhere.  Codecs can test which codecs you have installed

P223 guitar tab newsgroup

P225 downloading websites

P228 “Needlework patterns, sampled sounds, guitar chord charts, HDTV shows, websites, photos, and recipes – these are just a few things now stored digitally that once took other forms.  Computers make things easy to copy…practically every industry that deals with printed or recorded information is battling Internet piracy or will have to do so eventually.  If you’re really worried about Internet piracy, become a plumber.  There will always be some things that can never be digitized and stolen with a computer.”

P234 Obscure old movies, e.g. duck and cover videos. for bizarre movies.

P236 Audio book sites,,,

E-book sites,,, free e-books, www.bibliomania.ocm,, Internet Public Library,,,, Project Gutenberg,

P238 Office Software, adobe alternatives paint shop pro, photoline, the gimp,

P240 Shareware libraries,,,,,,,,,

P242 phone calls

P252 stripping DRM,

P253 I read this book soon after reading Cuckoo’s egg, and here’s a comment “Another controversial way that the recording industry has fought back against file sharing is to infiltrate the various file sharing networks themselves and plant bogus files, known as cuckoo eggs. (Cuckoo birds will lay an egg in another bird’s nest, which tricks the other bird into thinking the cuckoo’s egg is actually one of its own.  Cuckoo eggs in a file sharing network are similarly deceptive because they trick people into thinking that a bogus file is actually a valid one.

P258 “…in the same way that buggy whip manufacturers, slide rule makers, and whale-oil lamp companies found themselves wiped out by technological change.  The question isn’t whether file sharing technology will put today’s corporate powerhouses out of business. The question is when, and that future is closer than they think.”



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  • 1. Rule the Web by Mark Frauenfelder « Feed My Pet Brain  |  February 5, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    […] book is similar to the Steal this File Sharing Book and Steal this Computer Book books by Wang…by the by, look for Steal this book by […]

  • 2. Ron  |  May 6, 2008 at 9:08 am

    I found the link in this article to be useful, thank you. was able to help get a software key for a software no longer supported and the company was out of business. Along the way, I picked up a few other things as well. RON

  • 3. Private Infringer  |  February 24, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Here is a open source e-book for you.
    After much research I have written The Free Software Guide
    I have made this guide in order to support file-sharing.
    It covers file-sharing in general since torrents may not be the only solution.
    I would love if you could give me some feedback on it.

    • 4. futhermet  |  March 4, 2011 at 7:57 am

      Thanks! This looks like a good read.


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