Google causes ADD

January 18, 2008 at 9:03 am Leave a comment

A post at Slashdot, the impatience of the Google generation, reminds me of a post and the comments from a while back, Blogs and Information Overload.  The article mentions the growing impatience of today’s digital natives as well as us digital immigrants with methods of information retrieval.  Education and learning adapt change over time.  But maybe teaching styles lag behind?  In the comments, ” kids we label as attention deficit today will simply be called ‘employees’ tomorrow.”

Just this morning, last minute, my son needed a picture of the currrent phase of the moon.  I thought this would take some time so I was frustrated while he screwed around during breakfast, and basically took his own sweet time.  Five minutes before the bus came, he did one Google search, the top hit for ‘current phase of the moon‘ gave him his answer.  Done, print, out the door.

When you can answer questions like that in less time then it takes to open a book to the table of contents, how do you argue that, say, going to the library is better?


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Notes from Steal this File Sharing Book, Wang Collaboration and Wiki as a Tool

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