More reading on social networks

February 1, 2008 at 12:01 pm Leave a comment

I read Tipping Point after reading Linked, by Barabasi.  I enjoyed Linked a lot more than Gladwell’s book.  It was more academic perhaps, but less, I don’t know, smarmy pop psychology than Tipping Point.

Barabasi spends a chapter discussing one topic and by the end you say to yourself, “OK I get it now.”  Then he blows you away by introducing a new level of complexity on top of the last chapter: “Yes everything I just told you makes sense, but it’s all wrong.  Here is the next approach to consider….”

Some books related to the topics are

Linked by Barabasi

Unleashing the ideavirus, Godin

The Long Tail by Anderson

Global Brain by Bloom

Glut by Wright

Small pieces loosely joined, Weinberger

Smart Mobs, by Rheingold

World without Secrets, Hunter

The Wisdom of Crowds, by James Surowiecki

And some fiction books where networks play a role in the plot:
Rainbows End, by Vinge

Accelerando, by Stross

Diamond age, Stephenson


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Collaboration and Wiki as a Tool Rule the Web by Mark Frauenfelder

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