Are podcasts radio killers?

February 7, 2008 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

Chris Anderson describes downloading podcasts in lieu of listening to live radio on his local NPR affiliate in his post, “Narrower is better (dark thoughts during NPR pledge week)

“the broadcast model, which is all about one-size-fits-all taste, is based on human labor costs and costly transmission equipment and is only getting more expensive. You can see how this story ends.” Reminescent of my comments in the context of World band radio, “online radio and podcasts are much cheaper than a huge antenna.”

Chris states: “both radio-via-airwaves and radio-via-podcast are free,” but that’s not really true (just look at my cable bill).  Radio-via-airwaves are probably free-er, except that I’m paying with my most valuable resource, attention, when I dial around trying to avoid pledge drives and idiot morning crews.

In the comments a reader makes a good point, ‘”Free radio” isn’t free, and it’s great that some folks are willing to pay for it, just as they pay hundreds of dollars per month for their combined communication fees for cell, Internet, local phone, long distance, newspaper and cable.’


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Cable damage hits 1.7m Internet users in UAE Stuff from Wired February, 2007

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