Lines from Spook Country, Gibson

March 12, 2008 at 8:44 am 1 comment

Lines I enjoyed from Gibson’s Spook Country 

P63 “Artists or the Military.  That’s something that tends to happen with new technologies generally: the most interesting applications turn up on the battlefield or in a gallery.”

P81 “…passed a brobdingnagian futon….” from, Brobdingnagian is from Brobdingnag, a country of giants in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

P102 “Tulpa…. a projected thought form from Tibetan mysticism.”  I read this right after Wheel of Darkness, Preston and Child,  where these played a central role.

P117 “Organized religion he saw, back in the day had been purely a signal to noise proposition.  The time lag enforced by tech-lack imposed a nea- disasterous ratio, the noise of heresy constantly threatened to overwhelm the signal.”  See hereFree Spirit was a real group….

P160 “The holding of knowledge in dignified privacy helps ensure desired results” Guerreros…Elluggua…?


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    […] to the Wikipedia entry for ‘The Heresy of the Free Spirit‘ while commenting on the Gibson Book Spook Country.  I noticed that a couple of witch-hunting manuals  mentioned, Formicarius and Malleus […]


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