The Power of the Question

July 22, 2008 at 8:04 am Leave a comment

In the July 14, 2008 Chemical and Engineering News is a guest editorialby Professor Richard N. Zare.  He points out the wonder that is ‘the question’ and describes his efforts to promote ‘inquisitiveness and creativity in young people…’

Zare is the president of the Molecular Frontiers Foundation which sponsors an annual ‘kid Nobel’ the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize.

To compete, kids 18 and under ask a question related to molecular science, one they thought was important, and one they’d investigated to unsatisfying results.

For example, why aren’t plants black to absorb more sunlight?

Zare decribes the power of ‘the question’ which ‘…organizes knowledge and directs us to the unknown.  Life is not about answers;it is about questions….’

He encourages us to visit the Molecular Frontiers Foundation website,

AND questions for the next round of Inquiry Prize can be submitted at the website!  What a wonderful opportunity to share the excitement of science with the kids.


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