Time to update my commonplace book.

June 8, 2011 at 4:53 pm Leave a comment

Time to update my commonplace book. I don’t remember exactly why, but reading Stephen Johnson’s book Where Good Ideas Come From I had a brief recollection of a sort-of-related discussion of advertising and emotion based ads. I could not recall where I read this. I haven’t taken notes while reading for a while and I haven’t transcribed these into my commonplace book (blog) for longer. I could not recall. I’ve continued to keep a list of the books I’ve read. Searching for this discusion was a needle in a haystack. I thought I was on the right track with Secret Life of the Grown-up brain…maybe a discusison of the myth of midlife crisis. A search for early 20th century psychologist turned ad man gave me John B Watson which was a dead end. I couldn’t search Strauch’s book – it’s not available for search on Amazon or Google books. I was resolved to look things up in my book at home…I would have been frustrated. Fortunately I gave my book list one last shot and searched for Frauenfelder’s Made by Hand on Google Books (not avail for search on Amazon). There. Frauenfelder talks about cigarette sales killing ‘making’ and references Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s NNephew. Now how in the heck? Only Google could have given me that. I wouldn’t have taken that note while reading, either.


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