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Intro to Final Six by Slayer, guitar tab

16 notes from hell.  After several unsuccessful Google searches for guitar tab for the intro in Final Six by Slayer, I used Audacity to slow down and loop the intro riff and figured it out myself.  Here’s what I heard…posted for research only… The guitar is tuned at least a half step down. Asterisks by the notes where I think the bass is playing over the guitar.


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Guitar Hero and real guitar

I’ve played more guitar the months since buying Guitar Hero III than I’ve played in 20 years.  (OMG more like 30 years).  Call me Randy Marsh.

But playing Guitar Hero gives a different way of looking at a song that really helps to break it up.  A program like Guitar Rising might help that too – need to look at that.

But you can’t beat the real thing – sorry Stan and Kyle – and there’s no perfectly *right* way to play a song.  Pick any tab and you’ll find a better way to play the same notes that works for you.  Or, you’ll find a better way to get the sound you’re looking for, using the *wrong* notes. 

A cool thing about guitar and I suppose keyboard too is chord inversions.  You can play the same chord in several different ways, several places on the neck.  The same thing goes for riffs and solos.  Each location has it’s own tone, even though you can often play the same note, in part since you’re using different strings to get there.

Sometimes I would like to be able to slow riffs down but keep them in pitch to help me figure them out by ear.  There are some audio programs that will do that I think, like Cakewalk maybe?

And you can start playing real guitar in many ways.  One way to start is the folksy let’s play the Beatles, Hey Jude, Gordon Lightfoot, Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald route. Like I did.

Or you can start with more (currently) popular music and learn one-string riffs and two-finger power cords and play some cool music right away (nothing against Gordon Lightfoot).

If you like the former route may I suggest the Beatles and in particular Paul Mccartney.

The latter, start with Led Zeppelin II, then Black Sabbath Paranoid, Sabotage, and Volume IV.

Throw in some Green Day, Offspring, and Nirvana in there for the neo-punk-grunge type power chord-oriented stuff.

This will give you a great introduction to riffs and power cords both as well as some good minor pentatonic lead solos.

Next, I’d move up to early Metallica and Megadeth. I’ll tell you, I am really digging early Slayer. 

And that’s a direct result of Guitar Hero, because I can’t play it in the game, but I’ll be darned if I can’t play most of Raining Blood on my real guitar.  YES.

Here’s some random links to get you started online:

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