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More notes from The Search

Some more notes and links from The Search, by John Battelle:

P.251 A few lines from “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov start the chapter.  Sounds like an interesting book: “All collected data had come to a final end.  Nothing was left to be collected.  But all collected data had yet to be completely correlated and put together in all possible relationships.  A timeless interval was spent doing that.  And it came to pass that AC learned how to reverse the direction of entropy.”

P. 262 describes where to go next with search.  Google is also honing the personalized search: “Personalized Search orders your search results based on what you’ve searched for in the past. Early on, you may not notice a huge impact on your search results, but they will continue to improve over time as you use Google.” is already doing some of this: recovery and discovery but incorporating the cliskstreams of others.  Google + Amazon’s recommendation system.  What’s Y!Q?

P. 295 Long Tail article by Chris Anderson in Wired

P. 295 Patriot act info from the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

This was a great book: the nostalgia the early web, and some insights into the web of the future.


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The Search, notes and comments

I’ve been reading The Search, by John Battelle which offers a great history of the web and specifically around ‘search.’  Having lived through all this and recognizing all the busts he mentions was a trip through nostalgia.  So…comments and links:

P. 12 mentions Udi Manber the CEO of  I think he’s been GoogledYep.

P. 13 The concern of Google vs. the Patriot Act is raised.  I think this is reality now.  Yep.

P. 25 “We are incredibly lazy.  We type a few words…then expect…perfect results.  More than 95% of us never use the advanced search features, and most search experts agree that the chances of ever getting that number lower are slim to none.

P. 31 not only do we search for the answers, for that which we know, we increasingly are searching to find that which we do not know.  Not just recovery but discovery.  We know there’s stuff we might want to find, but we have no idea how to find it.

P. 34 Paid search works.  Lining up ads against the queries of searchers results in marketing leads: the crack cocaine of business.

P. 65 has a couple of quotes from Nikola Tesla.  Need to read a biography of Tesla – a very interesting guy.

P. 82 find Page and Brin’s paper, “The anatomy of a Large-Scale…

P. 149 find Paul Ford’s “August 2009: How Google Beat Amazon and eBay to the Semantic Web” or here if your link is blocked like mine.  Got to get the picture of GoogleBot.


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